My Goals

13 Mar 2020

So many goals, so little time

  1. Circuit things
    1. Finish MIT’s 3-part Circuit and Electronics course.
    2. Write down solutions for chapter 1 of Harvard Professor’s Art of Electronics.
    3. Start a YouTube channel teaching circuits for struggling students from the POV of a struggling student.
  2. On a journey to become semi-bilingual by learning Mandarin.
    1. Practice tone drills. Going to transcribe Mandarin through pinyin to drill my weaknesses in listening.
    2. Speak, speak, SPEAK more Mandarin.
  3. Learn to draw realistic portraits inspired by Scott Young’s blogpost.
  4. English writing skills
    I may be able to speak it, but boy is putting down what you say frustrating and difficult. There’s apparently something called “grammar” and it’s imperative when it comes to writing groups of good sentences.
    1. I’ll be using William Strunk’s Element of Style as a reference.
    2. Just passively improve my English writing repertoire further by blogging more.
  5. Make this site look good
    Gotta learn some CSS alongside web design to make this thing look better goddamit.

Those are a lot of destinations to journey with so little mental discipline to keep myself on the road. Better get into establishing some solid systems to keep me on track (Hey! this blog is one of em’ systems!).