I'm Raeiqal, after about 7 years since my birth in Malaysia, I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, then ultimately coming back to Malaysia. I'm monolingual in my weird amalgamation of Native Australian English since my primary school, Bentley Primary School, is a hotpot of every culture you can think of.

I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. Fair warning, I suck and am horrible at this degree even though I love it. This blog was given birth to because of said "suckiness"; my frustration in circuits and electronics need to be improved. That's what this blog is for to journal my improvements not just in circuits but other things I feel like would be fun to learn.

I've not received many awards or accomplishments and feel I was undeserving of them. I'll list the very few I have down later when I need to or get over imposter syndrome - whichever comes first.

In my freetime I love listening to podcasts, and playing games. I've not done much gaming recently because I honestly want to push my learning as far as I can take it. Though... I do occasionally have my cheat days by scrolling through the usual rabbit hole that is social media (pls help me stop my addiction).